See the source imageThis year has been one big DUMPSTER FIRE!  Let’s recap the year so far, we had walking sharks, locust swarms, Australia burned, and of course, COVID-19.  There’s no denying it, this year has definitely been the WORST!  To commemorate the worst year ever, we’ve gathered up some of the worst prizes we could find.  Shea Fox found some expired oatmeal in her desk drawer, Jimbo is giving away the rest of his pink shampoo and Casio has some old rocket t-shirts to throw in the pile.  You could win a broken remote control car, an old XBOX with last year’s Gears of War game and a bass guitar that we couldn’t get signed because of the pandemic.  It’s the Worst Giveaway for the WORST YEAR!

See the source imageListen for the “Worst Year” cue to call and be the ninth caller to win some of our crap.  We’ll continue to give away the dregs of the prize drawer until we run out of stuff, but don’t worry we do have some cash to give away.  Each person that wins some random prize (if you can even call it that), will be put in a drawing each week for a chance at winning a $250 Visa Gift card.  It’s our way of saying thanks for listening, during this crap-tastic year!


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