Sum 41 have announced that their final album will be released on March 29, 2024, via Rise Records.

The Grammy-nominated rock band also shared the tracklist for the double album, Heaven :x: Hell, with each consisting of ten tracks.

“Once I heard the music, I was confident enough to say, ‘This is the record I’d like to go out on,’” said Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley. “We’ve made a double-album of pop-punk and metal, and it makes sense. It took a long time for us to pave this lane for ourselves, but we did, and it’s unique to us.”

The band also released the first single from Hell, titled, “Rise Up,” and an accompanying music video.

Speaking about the song, Whibley shared, “Writing ‘Rise Up’ I felt the way I did when I first got signed. I felt the pressure and the need to create something great, but I felt so excited at the same time.”

Heaven :x: Hell tracklist:


1. Waiting On A Twist Of Fate2. Landmines3. I Can’t Wait4. Time Won’t Wait5. Future Primitive6. Dopamine7. Not Quite Myself8. Bad Mistake9. Johnny Libertine10. Radio Silence


1. Preparasi A Salire2. Rise Up3. Stranger In These Times4. I Don’t Need Anyone5. Over The Edge6. House Of Liars7. You Wanted War8. Paint It Black9. It’s All Me10. How The End Begins

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