During a recent “Reddit Ask Me Anything” session, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme shared his thoughts about a Them Crooked Vultures reunion.

Responding to a question from a fan who asked whether the band will ever record a new album, Homme said, “It’s sort of not my job to put Vultures back together, that’s Dave [Grohl]’s job. My job is to dance around, write words, and try to write some music.

“I really want to – Dave knows this. I really want Vultures to get back together and do one more round because the band is so strange, the music is so strange and sort of perverse,” said Homme.

“I had such a joyous time on those tours and being in that band, because the other guys are Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones and they are just really good. The playing is so simple, you’re able to just get into ideas right away and they just happen. And that is a bit addictive, that environment,” he added before concluding, “Is there any chance? Yeah, but I like that it’s not up to me. I have other responsibilities. So is there a chance? Yeah. There is. Is it a good chance? No.”

Them Crooked Vultures, featuring Homme, Dave Grohl, Led Zeppelin‘s John Paul Jones, and Alain Johannes, released their first and only album to date in November 2009.

The group went on a tour after releasing the album but parted ways the following year, before briefly reuniting in 2022 for a few performances at the Taylor Hawkin‘ tribute concerts in Los Angeles and London.

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