Black Sabbath founders Tony Iommi and Bill Ward recently revealed on social media that they are both in the studio working on separate projects.

Iommi shared a short video on Facebook, recapping his 2023 and dropping some hints of what we can expect from the guitarist in 2024.

“Also, what else have I done? Well, I’ve been working in the studio, of course, and doing things that everybody else do, really,” Iommi said. “And I did a show with Johnny Depp and The Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and the rest of the gang. Good fun. Really great. Something different for me.”

He also promised fans that he would keep them in the loop about his plans, saying, “I am writing and doing plenty of stuff and it’s sounding really good. I’m very happy with it. I might use some orchestration, I might not. So we’ll see how it goes.”

Meanwhile, in an Instagram video, Ward said, “Happy New Year, everybody. We’re in the studio, and, these people behind me actually work with me in the studio and I work with them. We’ve got Bill and we’ve got Mikey and TJ. TJ is right there.”

“This is my crew that I work with throughout the year and some other guys that won’t. They’re not in the picture; they don’t even wanna be in the picture,” he added. “But we’re making records still, so we’ll see how all that works out.”

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