A Guy Says a Woman Chugged Two Beers and Then Went on to “‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin My A**”

A guy in Florida got into an argument with a woman over her drinking. So she chugged two beers, crushed the cans…and according to what the guy told the cops, she proceeded to, quote, “‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin my a**.”  She was arrested for battery.

It’s not clear how the woman attacked the guy. So we don’t know if she used Stone Cold’s signature move… a kick to the gut followed by a neck breaker called the Stone Cold Stunner.  Let’s just imagine that she did… “Cause Stone Cold said so.”




There’s an optical illusion making the rounds of someone petting a raven…but it kind of looks like they’re petting a rabbit instead.

What do you see?




The Newest Hair Trend Is . . . the Step-Mullet

And no, that’s not a mullet that married your mom and is trying so hard to connect with you.

The step-mullet is long in the back, just like a standard mullet. But instead of being extra short on the top, you have medium length hair on top . . . then you part in the middle like a bob for women or a ’90s skater cut for guys. And thanks to the differences in length, it kinda looks like your hair is in the shape of “steps.”





Do you think this would work on the Parkway or 565 or University Dr…basically anywhere in Huntsville??

A woman stuck in L.A. traffic posted a 14-second clip of the driver in front of her holding up a sign that says, “Please let me in.” It worked. Somebody let him merge into their lane . . . so he held up another sign that said, “Thank you.”


How to embarrass your kid in 10 seconds or less. This mom NAILS IT!